Junior Olympic Compulsory Levels (1-5)​

  • Compulsory: Routines on all four events are the same for every competitor nationally at their specific level.​

  • Practice: 2-3 sessions/week​

Junior Olympic Optional Levels (6-10)​

  • Optional: Routines differ by gymnast, but maintain a set of guidelines for skills, difficulty and dance elements for each specific level. The guideline requirements are nationally based so that gymnasts can potentially qualify to compete in Regional and National competitions at certain levels.​

  • Practice: 4 sessions/week

Xcel is an optional level, allowing gymnasts who have other obligations and cannot train and/or afford the more extensive training schedule of the JO program to compete with a more lenient practicing commitment. Routines are structured around the Gymnast’s abilities. The level they are assigned is based on the Gymnast’s abilities. The 5 levels available to Xcel gymnasts are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.


  • Practice: 2 sessions/week​


  • Practice: 3 sessions/week


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