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September 5, 2024 through June 24, 2025


Tumble classes are perfect for cheerleaders and or gymnasts who want to focus solely on their tumbling abilities. This class emphasizes safe and proper techniques for round-offs, back handsprings, tucks and much more utilizing the trampoline, floor, and tumble trak.

Tumble classes do not teach skills on beam, bars, or vault.  To participate in a class that teaches skills utilizing that equipment check out our Gymnastic class page.



 - Strength

 - Flexibility

 - Endurance

 - Coordination



 - Mental toughness 

 - Productive habits 

 - Goal Oriented Mentality

 - The ability to conquer fear



 - Confidence

 - Self-esteem

 - Positive attitude 

 - Self Control

 September 3, 2024 through June 23, 2025

For private tumble classes contact Devin at

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Member fee:  The annual membership fee of $38 will be charged upon your first enrollment for students between September 2024-June 2025 (waived for 3rd child).


Tuition:   $118.00 a month for one class a week (classes are 1 hour in length). All classes auto enroll on the FIRST of every month.  A 30 day notice is required to cancel class. NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED


Register:   Click the blue registration button on the left next to the class you would like to enroll in.  Payment is due at time of registration.

Waitlist:   If the class is full enroll using the waitlist button. We use this information to add classes and additional coaching staff.  You will be contacted when there is a spot for your child.
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