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18+ Years Old

This open gym experience will allow adult athletes to independently practice their gymnastics. Coaches will be available to supervise, however this class will not have a formal instructor. Although this in not a coached class, many adult gymnasts have made friends in these open gym practices and support each other in their pursuit of gymnastics. Skill level will vary among the pool of adult gymnasts, however if you need additional help, there are always kind staff members around to give a pointer or two.

Gym Equipment Available

  • Double Sided Foam Pit

  • Pit Bar

  • Rod Floor into the Pit

  • Competition Spring Floor

  • Spring Floor into a Resi Mat

  • Two Tumble Traks into a Resi mat

  • Trampoline

  • 3 sets of Uneven Bars 

  • 6 Balance Beams

  • Men's Ring Tower

  • Still Rings over the Foam Pit

  • Parallel Bars

To register for OPEN GYM click on the register button below

If you would like a more structured class option email Devin for more information. 

Email Coach Devin for availability
This is a private adult group held at Gymstreet and is not a Gymstreet program.

In order to participate in the Adult class with Devin an online waiver is required.

Click (Privates) on the date of your class below to create an account
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