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Registration into any of our classes, fun days and workshops can be done through our website (call or email to schedule a birthday party).  If you need assistance in selecting an appropriate class for your child reach out to us at 978-694-9678.



When registered, you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled from month to month with the option of cancelling with a 30 day notice. Although billing is done monthly to help with budgeting, the monthly fee is not based on 4 classes a month, it is based on 38 classes for the season (Sept-June).  We do not prorate for holidays, snow cancellations or missed classes.


End of Season

All members are dropped from class at the end of June and RE-REGISTRATION NEEDS TO OCCUR in order to continue into our summer session (July and/or August) or new season (Sept-June)

When to Register

We accept ongoing registration throughout the year as long as there is availability in the class.  No need to wait for a new session to begin. Registrations made the second week of the month will be able to take a makeup class.  Registrations made mid month or after will be prorated.


Registration for the summer session (July/August) will begin on  April 1st.

New Season

Registration for the new season (September-June) will begin on    May 1st. Email notifications will be sent out.


One $37.00 fee per student (waived for the 3rd child) is charged for students taking class. The membership renews every September and expires on August 31st.  


The membership fee is waived for the summer session (July-August)



Current members receive 10% off the base rate of our Birthday Party Packages (member is a child who is currently taking class).

Registrations made after March will be discounted to $18.50.



Tuition is due in full at the time of registration. (Mid-month registration will be billed for the remaining weeks of the current month).  


Auto Pay

For the convenience of our members, GymStreet USA charges our members on a monthly auto pay system the FIRST OF THE MONTH (MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted)


GymStreet USA does not issue refunds for classes missed (see makeup policy), including holidays, weather related closings,  government forced shutdowns or any other unforeseen circumstances that may arise. 


To unenroll your child from class, league or team  A 30 DAY NOTICE IN WRITING is required (verbal requests will not be honored). Send the request to  Tuition fees will be billed up to the termination date even if your child will not be attending.  Injury (with doctors note) or severe illness (requiring hospitalization) will be the only exception to the 30 day policy.

 Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 charge. 



No Obligation

For new students, a no obligation trial class is built into our class program.   The member fee and class tuition is required to secure the no obligation class. If you feel the class is not a good fit, you have 24 HOURS to opt out of the class to receive your refund.


The no obligation trial class needs to be scheduled in advance (no walk-ins). The parent/guardian must be present during the trial class.


Students are allowed to makeup one missed class per month. The makeup class must be scheduled within 30 days of the absence by calling or emailing 

Makeup classes are not offered if the gym is closed due to power outages, inclement weather or any condition that is out of our control.



Make-up classes are not offered during the Summer Session (July/August)

We base the payment structure on 38 classes for the year Sept-June, no makeup classes are needed for holidays or vacation weeks


Inclement Weather

GymStreet USA does not follow the Wilmington public school closings for inclement weather.

If we make the decision to close, an email will be sent, it will be posted on our website's home page and on our facebook page.

Due to availability, we do not offer makeup classes for weather cancellations. 


Parent & Me

Comfortable clothing for both child and parent. Bare feet for children and socks for adults (no sneakers or shoes are permitted)

Girls Gymnastics

Leotard, bare feet, hair pulled back, no jewelry (stud earrings are permitted) If you are looking for where to buy a leotard, Amazon: search GK leotards is a good option.

Boys Gymnastic

Shorts or jogger type pants with a tucked in t-shirt, bare feet


Leotard is mandatory, bare feet, hair pulled back, no jewelry.  Shorts are permitted. 


Leggings/athletic pants with fitness shirt or t-shirt, CLEAN sneakers (if the ground is wet please carry in your sneakers) No jewelry (stud earrings are permitted)


Comfort active wear (think yoga class)  Refrain from loose clothing that could cover your face while upside down or get caught on the apparatus or wrapped around coaches hands while spotting.


How to Register

The easiest way to register is through the website. Go to the class you would like and click on "register or waitlist" when it asks if you have an account, simply login.   If you are a NEW member the parent portal will be automatically set up as you register.


The portal will allow you to view your account, make payment, update credit card information, change address and contact information, add members, and sign updated waivers.


How to Access

Through the website, Click on "Member Login" at the bottom of every page and click "Already a member" at the top and login using your email.



No Fee

There is no charge to go on the waitlist  Fees are not charged to the card on file until you are placed into a class. Students are removed from the waitlist when a spot in the class becomes available. 


The waitlist is worked on a first come, first serve basis.  We will notify you by phone and email when there is an opening.


  • Unlike 9 week session programs, once registered into a class you will never have to remember to re-register for the season (Sept-June)

  • No waiting in line at the front desk 

  • Same monthly payment to make budgeting easier

  • No getting locked out of classes you prefer

  • More coach stability for your child

  • Year long progressive curriculum so switching classes is not necessary (skill evaluation will be done during the first 2 classes to make sure your child is placed in the most appropriate class).

  • 30 day cancellation notification is requested to opt out of the class

  • Classes end June 24, 2024


Sick Child

A sick child loves to share their germs!  Please keep them home from class to insure the safety of others.  A child should remain home for at least 48 hours after a fever to prevent infecting others.  We will be happy to schedule a make-up class.


Please inform us if your child has an injury or medical condition so that we may insure their safety. If the injury will prevent them from missing more than 2 classes, call us to discuss class arrangements.






  • Please refrain from coaching your child or distracting the class.

  • Parents are not allowed in the training or class area unless authorized by an instructor.  

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with the supervisor or call us at 978-694-9678. 

Drop off

  • Please do not send your gymnast into the facility more than 5 minutes before the start of their scheduled practice.

  • Children 5 and under must have an adult on site at all times

Before class

  • Please remind your children to use the restroom prior to class.

  • Hand washing prior to class is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED



We take pride in keeping our facility clean and sanitized. Please help us by throwing away any trash and cleaning up after your child.  Please be aware of others with food allergies. 


GymStreet USA will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, missing or broken jewelry or personal items.


No gum chewing, cell phones, food or drinks is allowed in gymnastic and ninja class area.  

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