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League Lane

Gymstreet League is a year-round in-house competitive program designed to introduce Gymstreet USA students to a team oriented gymnastics environment.


  • An in-house team program designed to bring kids the excitement of competition, the support of a team, and the joy of learning a fun new sport.

  • A program created where the gymnasts will learn routines and compete head to head with the other Gymstreet league teams.

  • This program was designed to teach correct skill progression and presentation while introducing gymnasts to the competitive environment of gymnastics.

  • No tryouts required, just a desire to have fun and work hard (ages 6-14)



  • Season:   September 2022- June 2023, practice will begin in September

  • Team Name:  The team name is decided by the children of that team 

  • Games:    Once a month (weekday evenings) beginning in January (games last about one hour)

  • Championship:  Gymstreet League Championship game will be held in June (All teams compete on the championship day to determine final standings)

  • End of Season: We finish off all Championship games with a Big Pizza Party! Bring your appetite!


  • Games fee of $150 for the season (billed on Oct 1st )

  • Monthly tuition of $200.00 (billed on the first of the month )

  • Approximate cost of team leotard is $60.00 (billed on Nov 1st )

  • Autopay is required for payment of monthly tuition and game fees

  • NO Contracts required

  • In case the gymnast needs to terminate, athlete's family is responsible for tuition through the end of the month of termination - games fee and leotard fee are Non Refundable.  


  • Shark Attack 90.5 VS Dancing Dolphins 86.5
    Warriors 80 VS Queen Bees 64.5

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