League Lane

Gymstreet League is a year-round in-house program to introduce Gymstreet USA students to a fun team oriented gymnastics environment.

  • Interested students age 7-12 register to participate.

  • Coaches are assigned to each team based on the number of registered students.

  • Sign up for a day and time that is convenient with your schedule.

  • Depending on the ages of the children enrolled on that day we may recommend an alternative day and time.

  • Team members name their team and pick a team leotard color.

  • Teams train with coaches once a week developing skills required for scoring.

  • Teams play 1 game per month. Teams will play against each opponent at least once. 

  • Highest team score based on 1 point per required skill determines the winning team.

  • Winning teams will receive 2 points in standings.

  • Teams ending in a tie each receive 1 point. The winner will be determined by tie breaker.

  • Tie breaker: Full team handstand contest - last gymnast up breaks the tie earning their team +`1 Point

  • Wins and losses will be tracked in league standings.

  • Top 2 teams compete for the League Championship Title in May.

  • To promote a gymnastics team focus rather than just the individual.

  • Designed to hone the basics of compulsory gymnastics.

  • Provide class students a fun, competitive opportunity to experience team gymnastics while developing skills designed to prepare them for future Gymnastics programs.

Practice Season
  • Practices are 1 day per week and 2 hours in length with the option to add a second practice​

  • Summer training: July 5th 2021 - Aug 29th 2021

  • Off-season training consists of building the needed skills and strength to compete during the Game Season as well as learning and mastering routines on each apparatus!

Competition Season
  • Game Season: September 8th - May 31st​ 2022

  • Games: Once a month on Saturdays or Sundays

  • 5 games in total.

  • Gymstreet League Championship game will be held in May (Last teams standing will compete)

  • Gymnasts will pay a $20 entry fee per game

  • Monthly tuition of $200.00 for one practice/week

  • Option to add a second practice per week for an additional $75/month

  • Approximate cost of team leotard is $55.

  • Autopay/EFT authorization form is required for payment of tuition and game fees.

  • In case athlete needs to terminate for whatever reason, athlete's family is responsible for tuition through the end of the month of termination - No Refunds


By clicking the blue register button you can select your specific class & begin the registration process!
An annual membership fee of $37 will be charged upon your first enrollment for all students between Sept. 2020 through June 2021. Tuition is your monthly cost per class.
All classes auto enroll every month.


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