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    Gymstreet USA's CLINICS

  • Handstand-Clinic: Gymnasts will learn the form and technique for a proper handstand. This includes the gymnastics lunge, lever, lever hop, and finally the handstand. A proper handstand is the base for most gymnastic skills. (all levels welcome)

  • Cartwheel-Clinic: We breakdown the different positions that make up a cartwheel.  Gymnasts will begin learning how to generate power while maintaining proper form and control. (all levels welcome)

  •  BackHandspring-Clinic:    Back Handsprings are a major stepping stone in any gymnast's career. We teach in depth lessons on how to safely utilize our roller mats with proper technique in order to develop the muscle memory needed to perform this amazing skill! A backwalker is the prerequisite for this clinic .

  • Ninja-Clinic: Our Ninja clinic provides all the fun of our classes in a single go! Run, climb, swing, and jump across our  Ninja Warrior courses designed to build strength, speed, and stamina! All this while building the confidence to try bigger and harder obstacles. The perfect athletic activity for anyone looking to use all that built up energy! 

  • Create Your Own Clinic:  Have 4 or more friends that want to learn a gymnastic skill or perfect old ones? Email us at and we can host a private one hour clinic for you and your friends!

  • If there are no classes shown below then we are not currently running any clinics.

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