This letter outlines our plan to move forward with classes


When entering the gym; proceed down the hallway to our gym area before classes start.

Gymnasts should sit on an X with their masks and await further instructions. 

Each rotation will have drill stations. Each gymnast will stay at their station until the Coach instructs them to switch.

Each drill station will be at least 6 feet apart from each other

Practices will emphasize basics, drills and skill progressions limiting the need for spotting. 

Gymnasts will not be allowed to socially gather or stand in lines without a face mask. 

Gymnasts will be required to wear face masks during practice, and are expected to maintain social distancing when possible. 

Coaches will have face masks, and will be required to wear them throughout practice

If gymnasts need to use the rest room during practice, they should expect to wear their face mask until they return. 

If your gymnast does not feel well for any reason, please keep them at home. 

If coaches notice your gymnast is not feeling well, they will be asked to leave until they are feeling better. 


Every gymnast must bring their own bag from home with everything they need for practice. 

Every gymnast should bring their own sanitizer to save time when switching rotations. Gymstreet will have sanitizing stations available as well. 

The cubby area is closed. Each gymnast will carry their bag with them to each rotation. Please make sure all bags are labeled as the gym is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen possessions. 

Coaches will wipe down equipment after each rotation. During this time students will sanitize and work on stationary stretching and shaping.


Parents comfortable with dropping off and picking up are asked to do so to minimize occupancy inside the gym. Parents who prefer to attend class are asked to limit occupancy to one adult per family. If you choose to attend class, facemasks MUST be worn at all times.

The front double doors will be our drop off location 

The Red door next to the garage door will be our pickup/exit location. Please reference the attached pickup traffic pattern. 

Please do not send your gymnast into the facility more than 5 minutes before the start of their scheduled practice. 

Please make sure your gymnast is dressed for practice before arriving to the facility. 



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