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Private Lessons are scheduled directly through our Gymstreet Coaches. 
Dates and prices may vary depending on the coach and the focus of the lesson.


You DO NOT need to pay the registration fee for private lessons. However you do still need to register with Gymstreet so we have a waiver on file.

  • How does League work?
    All students ages 7-14 and all skill levels are welcome to participate. Coaches are assigned to each team based on the number of registered students. Skills in routines are based on the individual gymnasts strengths. Sign up for a day and time that is convenient with your schedule. A specific day/time may be recommended based on the age of your child Team members name their team and pick a team leotard color. Teams train with coaches once a week developing skills required for scoring. Teams play 1 weekday game per month starting in January Teams will play against each opponent at least once. Highest team score based on 1 point per required skill determines the winning team. Winning teams will receive 2 points in standings. Teams ending in a tie each receive 1 point. The winner will be determined by tie breaker. Tie breaker: Full team handstand contest - last gymnast up earns their team + 1 Point Wins and losses will be tracked in league standings. Top 2 teams compete for the League Championship Title in June.
  • How is Gymstreet League different from competitive team and gymnastics meets?
    The League is a schedule of games where teams compete head-to-head with the focus on team and athletes supporting each other as they contribute to a TEAM SCORE. Individual scores are not recognized creating a more team centric atmosphere.
  • What does the game fee cover?
    - Coaches - Judges - Additional Staff
  • Will you have in person viewing for games?
    You will be able to watch from the viewing area just like you do for classes.
  • What if you can't attend?
    -We will be having a live video stream through Zoom -All you will need To do is click on your team’s name and you will have a live feed to watch your gymnast compete
  • Can we invite family members to the games?
    -Yes, but the viewing will be in the parent viewing area, or you could share the link for live viewing from the comfort of your home
  • Who will be able to view the feed?
    - Only people who have access to the live feed Zoom Link (League Families, and friends they share it with
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